desarrollo software

Custom Software Development

aplicaciones a medida

We specialize in software development and custom applications.

With custom programming we can develop a unique product for you, to improve its competitiveness.

You have a unique tool designed specifically for your business.

Advantages of custom programming:
       1. Totally adapted to your company and can change with your business.

       2. It is a unique tool that your competitors does not have.

       3. An application can be programmed and improved according to your interests.

       4. You can include all sections of the company, in closed software you can´t.

Custom software development include this Services:
       1. Analysis of your needs.

       2. Proposed computer system including implementation.

       3. Application design.

       4. Demo application.

       5. Functional version that you could use.

       6. Final version.

       7. Training on the application.

       8. After sales and maintenance. Correction of errors and new features.


    It depends on the size of the project and the scope of the application, but our work are in incremental phases so you have an operational software shortly after starting.

    We use incremental development models to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the final result and can be taking advantage of the tool from the beginning.

    Economic cost:

    Because we have extensive experience in various types of applications and projects, we have a catalog of resources and functional modules that we can reuse ​​that allow us to develop in short periods of time and therefore a low cost.