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Technology Consulting

consultoria de tecnologia

The global IT market is changing rapidly and we face increasingly complex challenges. Thus forcing companies worldwide to innovate and transform its portfolio of software and IT applications continuously.

It is vital for the company to adopt a systematic approach and have well-defined strategy to address the latest innovations and technology trends.

Our Technology Consulting area processes linking technology with business processes in order to obtain solutions that enable our customers to meet their needs, adapt to current market requirements and improve efficiency and performance.

Our technology consulting services help customers determine the most appropriate option for updating, processing, innovation, optimization and migration of IT systems.

We conduct the following activities:

  • Analysis and diagnosis of the situation, technology and applications
  • Defining requirements and technical needs, functional and operational
  • Evaluation and prioritization
  • Selection and implementation of technology solutions
  • Impact Analysis
  • Plan testing and evaluation criteria
  • Tracing